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Welcome to Powered By Software. The advanced software startup paving the way to the future. We use software technology to assist your business in achieving growth and efficiency by using software automation.



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With our innovative and insightful software solutions, we strive to enhance our customers’ every day business operations. Our extensive background in software development, process mapping and analysis among a variety of business industries, we provide big picture insights and solutions for companies of all sizes in Western Australia.



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Smart software solutions are at the core of all that we do at Powered By Software. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help you build a better and more profitable business. We work with you to find out where your business can apply software to make your operations much more efficient, and your business more profitable.



Are you or your staff doing simple but important repetitive tasks, when you could be doing something more productive, if it did not take you this long?

Replace manual and repetitive tasks that do not add any value to your business or to your customers and achieve accurate  results, faster by using one of our customised software automation solutions.


Are you always exporting data to excel, then formatting and customising it to get the information you actually want and then entering the same data in another system?

Link your multiple systems so that data can be transferred faster and automatically to free-up your staff and achieve better and more accurate information in real time.


Are you looking at reducing your IT hardware costs, perhaps looking at an upgrade to a different system or just a cloud solution for more functionality and mobility.

 It has never been that easy or simple to get a customised cloud application within your budget - now you can!


Are you manually entering payroll timesheets, or looking up at the industrial awards to make sure you pay employees correctly? 

We can simplify and streamline complex payroll by making it easier


Problems That We Solve

Business owners today struggle with systems that restrict their growth and don't meet their needs.  So many businesses are stuck doing multiple time consuming tasks and are not able to use their workforce to their potential.

A business has to make the best use of their human resources, by focusing on tasks that add value to the bottom line. 


With a high volume of financial transactions to deal with, many tasks are heavily dependent on exporting data into Excel, wasting a lot of time with manual data manipulation and formatting of the files to finally being able to perform the necessary bookkeeping or accounting tasks for the client.

Some practices also provide payroll services. They often have to  interpret and enter timesheet information to process pays or manually entering and processing journals and invoices into the system and double handling the information.

We can help!


Double handling customer information, staff and materials in multiple systems that don't integrate with each other.

Using Excel to quote and track the labour and material costs assigned to the jobs.

Using Outlook or Google calendar to schedule the jobs and emails that get lost to communicate with the relevant people.

Spending a lot of time coordinating and communicating with staff, suppliers and customers.

We can help!


Paper based operations, where the stock levels are controlled via Excel. Purchase orders and picking lists are printed and managed on trays.

With limited access to a  computer so that the stock levels can be accurately updated, you don't have the visibility of the actual value of your stock.

Purchases and sales are not connected resulting in a lot of wastage.

We can help!


Every part of your business from creating clients and quotes, to tracking time and materials, to managing jobs and projects, to billing and follow up have stop-steps.

There is a lot of manual work to keep it all together and you still don't have visibility into the performance of your business.

If there are logical steps you follow for doing these things - We can help!



What our Customers Say

What would have taken my staff to achieve in days, Sahira has delivered a custom built system which achieved the same results in a few hours. I am very happy with the services provided.

Shaun Bist

Sahira is great, she has developed a customized quoting system that works perfectly for our business and continues to deliver a successful outcome. She is wonderful to work with and has a customer focused attitude.

Joe Dinh

Sahira has has custom built several solutions specific to our requirements, each solution has enabled us to work faster and more efficiently. Her ability to understand our specific problems and attention to detail was exceptional. Sahira’s “Hands-on” approach was exactly what we required for each solution.

David Lee

"Sahira is a pleasure to work with.  She is good at understanding requirements and communicating her ideas.  Her solutions have proven to be very useful so far and we look forward to continuing to work with her."

Zoe Kosky



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Sadhana Constructions


Custom Homes and Property Developments

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Scarborough Beach Dental

Dental Clinic


Managed IT Services

Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia


Meet The Team

Sahira Zaman

I have nearly 20 years of experience designing and developing sophisticated software solutions for medium and large size organizations, in a wide variety of industries such as Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Services and Not for Profit. Also working with the major business management systems like MYOB, SAP, Sybiz and more.

Shaun Bist

With over 16 years of senior financial management and accounting experience within professional services, IT and Hospitality industries. I have an extensive background ranging between various roles such as managing service delivery, client management, strategic planning, project management and financial reporting. 


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